6 Important Reasons to Choose Laravel Web Development Services

Laravel Web Development has been revolutionising web applications with unparalleled efficiency and scalability. You might be thinking of ramping up your website and considering which PHP framework to use. Choose Laravel web development services for building your website. A professional digital marketing company like Digital Polaris can provide end-to-end Laravel development solutions. Laravel has neat syntax and robust applications which helps it to become the obvious choice.

For years, Laravel has retained the first position among MVC-based PHP frameworks. The framework has been outperforming its competitors (viz. CodeIgniter, Yii, CakePHP, Symfony etc.) because of its elegance and simplicity.

What is Laravel Framework?

Laravel was developed by Taylor Otwell in 2011. It is an open-source PHP framework for developing web applications. Web developers can easily write codes with the help of this PHP framework. All the complex problems that come with PHP coding are removed when you use Laravel. That is why Laravel website development services have become so popular with time.

A web development company will provide you with custom Laravel development services as per your requirements. Laravel enables you to create apps and sites with the help of its pre-built packages and various features.

Features of Laravel Website Development

  • Template Engine:
  • One of the most important features of laravel is the template engine. This helps to create unique layouts for your websites and applications. It also includes various widgets that integrate CSS and JS code through the usage of strong frameworks.

  • Architectural Support of Model View Controller:
  • Laravel follows the MVC architectural pattern. The built-in functions help to improve the application performance. MVC architecture increases security and scalability.

  • Object Relational Mapping:
  • An important feature for Laravel is that it has in-built Object Relational Mapping or ORM. ORM incorporates a simple PHP Active Record Implementation which is faster than the previous frameworks of PHP. The developers of a Laravel development agency can simply use PHP code instead of writing SQL codes to fetch any kind of query because of the effective ORM.

  • Enabling System of Database Migration:
  • The Laravel migration mechanism aids in the expansion of the web application database structure without the need for re-creation each time the code is changed. The danger of losing data is greatly decreased as a result of this functionality. The functionality not only allows you to change the general database structure, but it also supports you in doing so using PHP code rather than SQL. Due to these types of dynamic features of Laravel, a Laravel website development company is always in demand for the services they provide.

  • Logic in Application:
  • The application logic is an indispensable element of the Laravel framework. Controllers are used to build application logic depending on route declarations.

  • Libraries:
  • One of the reasons Laravel is so much popular is because it provides various Object-oriented libraries and pre-installed libraries that other PHP frameworks do not have. Authentication library is one of the most popular ones which includes features such as active user monitoring, password reset, Bcrypt hashing, encryption, CSRF protection etc.

Benefits of Opting for Laravel Development Services

Most of the companies take the help of a Laravel application development service provider because of its numerous benefits. Opt for a Laravel web development company because:

  1. Systems of Authentication and Authorization: Laravel makes it incredibly easy to set up authentication. Almost everything comes pre-configured. Laravel also makes it simple to organise authorization logic and control resource access. Each online application owner must confirm that users are who they claim to be in order to prevent unauthorised users from accessing secured/paid resources.
  2. Handling Exceptions & Managing Errors: Laravel has a unique exception and error handling module, as well as an integrated logging library called Monolog. This library makes error handling even easier by supporting a variety of exception and error log handlers. This implies that error notifications will be embedded directly. This will facilitate quick and effective repairing.
  3. Testing Work Automation: Laravel has been designed in a way that it can be tested. The framework also includes useful helper functions for expressive application testing. It gives simple methods for emulating basic user behaviour (for example, visiting links and filling out forms) to the programme.
  4. Traffic Handling: The number of traffic to your website will increase as your company expands. A Laravel-built website can process website queries far quicker than most other frameworks. That is why people often hire a Laravel application development company for web and app development. Laravel employs a distinct message queue architecture, allowing you to postpone specific website related duties.
  5. Flexibility: Laravel offers the ability to create a comprehensive eCommerce site. It can create basic and professional B2B sites as well. Laravel can design and support a number of complex features for your site. Some of these such as password reset and encryption, thanks to its large pre-installed authorization libraries. There are also several third-party packages available to provide your website with additional features and functionality.
  6. Seamless Third-Party Integration: An automated tool or a payment system like Paypal might have to be integrated into the system. With Laravel, you can easily integrate these payment gateways. This is possible because Laravel has clean APIs for integration.

The main reason that most businesses choose Laravel for their website development is because of security. Laravel framework provides extensive security features that makes it simple to create a website. With the help of a Laravel app development service, you can improve security and safeguard your application against hackers. Partner up with the best Laravel development company to get high-performing web or mobile applications.

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